So I wasnt able to get this working entirely the way I’d planned. I wanted to be able to click on the picture of the person, and have the main page roll over and display their postings. There’s time for that later. However, I was able to convince WP to only show on the main page, what I want it to show. A series of tiled images. Then, you can click on the menu, select a person, and boom. It displays anything thats tagged by them. So in a sense, blog within a blog. Am I disappointed or pleased that getting that far only took me two hours? Who cares. I made it work, dammit!

Conversely, I initially started my rebuilt project with the plan of having it be a static page. A placeholder for all things radishy. But no. My desire to build things got the better of me. The next thing you know, I’ve built out a site, and have categories and logins for others, and so on. I’m opening up myself to disappointment again. Long ago, when I was coding this stupidity by hand, I had this great belief that I would include my friends, and they would send me content, and I would post it, and they would be a part of things. This worked out ever so well. Of note, I think Pookie sent me some recipe’s for mixed drinks, we made Steve-O some custom panties to give to girls he slept with, Jimzor was busy, She Who Shall Not Be Named™ complained a lot, and everyone else humored me. It was brilliant. And, as I look back, I cant help but critique my work. Thank you, Seriously. You remind me that age has so seriously been good to me. What was I thinking? Black with red and blue text? random surveys? My prolific use of the word and modifications of the word “fuck?” Wait. No. Really? on 12/09/2002 I called my readers “trout spacklers?” (sigh…) I really was in my 20’s, wasnt I. Part of me is ashamed. The rest of me? yeah. I fully accept that I was an idiot back then. I’m an idiot now. But, I’m getting off topic, as I’m wont to do.

This time around, It’ll be different! Really! No Really! I swear! And let me tell you how. This time, I’m going to open it up. If people participate, they do so. If they do not, I will lose absolutely no sleep over it, and I’ll make a point to not try to make up for it. I will not get it in my head that I’m going to write something every day. I will post what I want, when I want, why I want. The only rule I’m going to make is to try and say “fuck” less in print. And maybe trout spackler too. No clue what I was thinking. I’m pretty sure that nobody reading this, is currently masturbating with a fish, live or otherwise. If you are, please, for the love of god, never tell me.

And with that committed to digital paper, I’m saving this, and I’m gonna see if this works.